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June, 2017 NoteWorthy News

          May may have seemed like a quiet month for the music ministry at FPC to the congregation, but behind the scenes, it was anything but!!!  The Music and Worship Committee, now headed by Chris Kelly and Mike Bolgrihn, met for the second time this year and the committee had a really great meeting. As a result, some exciting new things are going to be happening this summer!  I, being the musician and choir director, want to tell you about some of the music-related things!  We decided to set the summer service at 9:30 so that I am able to continue being the musician at FPC. For those of you who don't know, I play at another church for an 8:00 service that sometimes doesn't get out until 9:15. So, for any of you who did want the summer service at 9:00, I really appreciate your cooperation so that I can continue to play for your church. Because I love to play for your church. 

          Also, we have some exciting special music coming up! The Women's Choir will be singing a song as a tribute to fathers on Father's Day. Caroline and Mike Bolgrihn will be providing us with some special music on July 2nd. And the choir will be sing a patriotic song in honor of Independence Day on July 9th. On a side note, August 20th is also a date to set aside because we will be having our annual outdoor worship service at the Iverson's with outdoor music included!  A reminder to everyone, we can always use more special music! Also, the introit is a place to get our hearts and minds prepared for worship. So, if anyone ever wants to read a poem, Bible verse or a special composition that means something to them, feel free to come up and talk to Sandy or myself about doing that as well.

          I want to thank Carol Lee and Tom Iverson and Mike and Caroline Bolgrihn for providing special music during the month of May. I want to thank Pastor Sandy for choosing such a beautiful hymn of the month for May. I would like to thank Trudy Burkert for helping with the Heritage House service. I want to thank Chris Kelly and Mike Bolgrihn for leading a great worship meeting and the other members for all of their hard work and dedication.

          Last, I want to especially thank Misty McMorrow for a lot of hard work she's been doing behind the scenes. In the two years that I have been here, she has been instrumental in making sure that the service music and the special music have been printed correctly in the bulletin. Since I started the ladies group and the choir, she makes sure to include us in the bulletin and lets people know in newsletters and bulletins when we're singing next, which makes the choirs feel like our contribution is valued. More recently, she has worked to make sure my articles get into the newsletter.   So, thank you, Misty Mae!


Thank you to everyone and let's have a great summer, Jen Powers

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