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                        ……from the Pastor’s desk…..                                                          December 2017


So all the stars of the midnight

Which compass us round

Shall see a strange glory

And hear a strange sound

And cry, “Look! The earth

Is aflame with delight;

O sons of the morning,

Rejoice at the sight.”

Everywhere, everywhere,

Christmas tonight!

Phillips Brooks, clerghyman


I can hardly wait for our Christmas services this year---they are open to all, and this year we celebrate on Sunday, December 24th at 7:00pm. Yes, we will have morning worship that day as well at 10:00am. At both services we will praise God, sing familiar Christmas carols, hear the Christmas story according to St. Luke, pray together, and greet/meet our families, those visiting at their homes in Pardeeville this year, and cheer ‘the reason for the season’ of Christ’ birth on earth! What a wonderful reason to join us and bring your family, friends, and neighbors. The luminaries around the outside of the church will be glowing at night, the bells will be ringing….we will be singing ‘The First Noel’ and ‘Silent Night’ and many more, so don’t miss joining us for the celebrations!


At our house we have a tradition to enjoy church festivities before we celebrate with food/drinks and opening Santa’s presents; believe me, over the years we’ve done this as early as 5:00pm, and as late as 11:00pm---so adaptation is the operative word for the Christmas Eve/Day time periods. Of course these gatherings include food preparation, timings for travelers, and usually   ‘one-gift opening’ to satisfy the youngsters! Whew….how did we (do we) get it all in? Yet, just being together to rejoice is the ultimate goal, and it takes many to help this to be accomplished. Wherever you are, whatever you have planned, and whomever you will be inviting to your home, or are with this year, I wish you joy, love, hope, and peace in good times and safe travels for all, and in our celebrating one more year of our Savior’s birth to the nations.


‘…soon, it will be time to kneel and praise, and sing,

for Hosanna to be the newborn King!’


May God Bless,

Pastor Sandy







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