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  April 2020  

                                                                         March 31, 2020

Dear Friends,

     These are strange, amazing times we’re in. It seems that nothing is the way it was a month ago. So many people are having to reconfigure how they do what they do in this age of danger. The church is no exception.

     Your Session met on Monday (via the computer!) to decide what we will do going forward into this perilous and mysterious time. And we decided several things.

  1. We will not consider gathering in our building for worship until the end of April. We will be meeting regularly as a Session however, to see what the changes bring. We will decide about May at that time.
  2. After much consideration, though, we decided that, if the way be clear, we would try to figure out an alternative. After conversation with Bill Dow, our worship leader in this time, we have decided to try something exciting. We plan to worship together on-line!
  3. Here’s how this will go. Elaine Butler will make contact in the next day or so with those of you who have internet access. She has set up an account on a website called Zoom. She plans a practice run for this Saturday, and will help you figure out what to do, if you don’t know already. And Bill believes we can be ready to go this Sunday! So here we go! There’s much more to say about all of this, but for now, watch for Elaine’s e-mail to you. And join us in worship on Sunday, 10:00 am!
  4. There were several other things that concerned us as well. For one thing, as you might imagine, we haven’t had a chance to pass the offering plate in a while. But bills continue to come in, salaries continue to be paid, we continue to be the church. We hope that you will take time to remember your giving to the church, by sending in your commitment.
  5. For another, we continue to be the church in more important ways than money. We continue to care for each other, to look out for each other’s safety and well-being, and to be involved in each other’s walk with God. As the pastor in charge of pastoral care, I typically get my information about how people are doing when we are all together on Sundays. Obviously, that isn’t possible right now. If you have a need with which I can be helpful, or you know someone who is ill or lonely or struggling in any way, I hope you will feel free to call me.  I may not go see anyone until someone sounds the all clear, but I can sure make contact. Please don’t hesitate to call. And please continue to pray for each other and make contact!
  6. Finally, this is the season for one of the great extra offerings of the church, One Great Hour of Sharing. For 70 years, One Great Hour of Sharing has “provided Presbyterians a way to share God’s love with our neighbors in need all around the world.” Our resources are divided three ways. Some goes to the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance program, a state-of-the-art disaster response program that engages church goers and people in the throes of natural disasters all around the world. Some goes to the Presbyterian Hunger Program, which is just what it sounds like. The final portion goes to the Self-Development of People program. Programs like this paved the way for microfinancing efforts all around the world, helping people with few resources, but big dreams, become financially self-sufficient through small business startups. This offering is one of the best things we do as a denomination. I hope you will be generous. Please send a check, earmarked to OGHS, to the church.

     Much newness here! There may be bugs to start with, but I hope you will join us on this new venture.

     There has never been a crisis so grave that the church of Jesus Christ, if it’s being faithful, has decided to sit back and stay out of it. We have a mission, a job to do. Christ calls us, all the more sincerely, when times are tough. Please join us in renewing your commitment to God’s work in the world through the energy, intelligence, imagination and love of First Presbyterian Church!

                                                                                            In Christ,

                                                                                            David Butler


Pastoral Care -- David Butler
Worship Leader for March - April -- Bill Dow



Thank you for visiting our website!

     Our mission is "to be a caring community of God's people who live by Christ's teachings, reach out to others to share the love of God, and celebrate the good news of Jesus Christ through worship, prayer, thought, and action."

     We would delight in having you join us for Sunday Worship at 10:00 a.m!  All are welcome.  And for our Mission Brunch.  And for Adult Education.  And the Book Study.  Well, you get the picture.  You are welcome.

A Journey of Discernment

     We spent about 16 months during 2018-2019 searching for a new pastor.  Our process led us to the realization that we needed a new model of ministry for our church.

     As we pondered this, we identified two essential elements:  worship, and taking care of our members and others.  We decided to explore a model that has these as two separate roles.  We would search for someone to assume pastoral care responsibilities, and others to lead us in worship. We have found ministers to fill both of these roles.  

Pastoral Care -- David Butler assumed this role on July 15, 2019. His responsibilities are as follows:

  • Provide pastoral care to the congregation.
  • Accompany a member of the Board of Deacons to deliver communion to home-bound.
  • Moderate session meetings.
  • Attend committee meetings at First Presbyterian Church as needed.
  • Meet with potential new members.
  • Attend meetings of John Knox Presbytery.
  • Officiate at the sacrament of baptism or assign this to the worship leader.
  • Officiate at funerals (pastor's prerogative, as requested)
  • Moderate the annual congregational meeting.

The Worship Leader's responsibilities are as follows:

  • Prepare the worship bulletin in final form and mail it to the church secretary.
  • Preach and lead Sunday worship and any other services within his/her contracted time.
  • Officiate at Holy Communion within the worship service.
  • Moderate congregational meetings held in the context of worship.
  • Attend Worship and Music Committee meetings as needed.
  • Receive new members during the worship service.
  • May officiate at baptism at the direction of the pastor.

The following have agreed to be our
Worship Leaders:
     Bill Dow -- Mar.-April 2020
Beyond this, we are open and seeking new (or returning) leadership.












Our Adult Christian Ed. class will not meet until further notice.


All Pardeeville Community Lenten services have been cancelled.

Ah, flowers -- CHOO!

Flowers in the Sanctuary

Friendly reminder that as Easter approaches, we ask you to avoid bringing Lilies into the sanctuary. Instead, if you would like to help beautify the sanctuary with flower arrangements, please select different spring flowers to help avoid allergies.

Vanessa's hours

To be determined.  Please call the church office for an update.

Please Note

Going forward, the liturgist scheduled on Sundays is asked to do the welcome and announcements during worship service. If you happen to be aware that you are unable to keep your scheduled Sunday to do the liturgy, please contact the office.

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