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  April 2021  
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 "Our mission is to be a caring community of God's people
who live by Christ's teachings,
reach out to others to share the love of God,
and celebrate the good news of Jesus Christ
through worship, prayer, thought, and action."


January 2, 2021

Dear friends,

As you know only too well, worship has been different this year. We have had a new and innovative model of worship leadership that we continue to fine tune. The pandemic added another layer of complication, but one that we seem to have weathered quite nicely. Here comes another one.

Our Session voted to invite Peace Presbyterian Church in Mauston to join us in worshipping together. They too are without a pastor right now. They are worshipping with pulpit supply pastors as they search for  a more permanent solution. We have many connections between us. Dave King and Linda Kuhn are there. Terry and Donna McGinley are there. We found Bill Dow and Paul Francis through the folks at Peace Church. I served there as their bridge pastor for nearly a year. There are a lot of life lines running between our churches.

Nothing will really change for you and how you access our worship. You will continue to receive an invitation from Elaine, and log in either by phone or via the internet. They have their fellowship time before worship, so we will continue to simply remain on the line and enjoy our time together as we have. The only real difference you will experience is that they do a couple of things that we don't, and vice versa. We will share our worship experiences, and hopefully each be enriched by the practices of the other. We will review and evaluate the experience on a monthly basis. This will begin Sunday, January 31.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to call me. 608-617-7056.

Peace, David  


Pastoral Care
David Butler

Worship Leaders
Bill Dow -- December-January
Julie Waterdu -- February - April
Paul Francis -- February - May

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A Journey of Discernment

     We spent about 16 months during 2018-2019 searching for a new pastor.  Our process led us to the realization that we needed a new model of ministry for our church.

     As we pondered this, we identified two essential elements:  worship, and taking care of our members and others.  We decided to explore a model that has these as two separate roles.  We would search for someone to assume pastoral care responsibilities, and others to lead us in worship. We have found ministers to fill both of these roles.  

Pastoral Care -- David Butler assumed this role on July 15, 2019. His responsibilities are as follows:

  • Provide pastoral care to the congregation.
  • Accompany a member of the Board of Deacons to deliver communion to home-bound.
  • Moderate session meetings.
  • Attend committee meetings at First Presbyterian Church as needed.
  • Meet with potential new members.
  • Attend meetings of John Knox Presbytery.
  • Officiate at the sacrament of baptism or assign this to the worship leader.
  • Officiate at funerals (pastor's prerogative, as requested)
  • Moderate the annual congregational meeting.

The Worship Leader's responsibilities are as follows:

  • Prepare the worship bulletin in final form and mail it to the church secretary.
  • Preach and lead Sunday worship and any other services within his/her contracted time.
  • Officiate at Holy Communion within the worship service.
  • Moderate congregational meetings held in the context of worship.
  • Attend Worship and Music Committee meetings as needed.
  • Receive new members during the worship service.
  • May officiate at baptism at the direction of the pastor.













Something new -- again!

Beginning in February, both Julie Waterdu and Paul Francis will be returning as worship leaders.  The new piece is that they will be serving in that position for both us and Peace Presbyterian Church - Mauston.  We are delighted to have them back, and are looking forward to partnering with Peace Presbyterian.

Lay Liturgist List

March 21 -- Chris Kelly
March 28
 -- Vanessa Chapman

How/where can I make my donations to the church?

It's simple.  Just mail it to either the church (105 S. Main St., Pardeeville, WI  53954 or PO Box 660, Pardeeville, WI  53949) or to Judy Skaar.  Thanks to all for your continuing support.  Peace to you.

"Coffee Hour"

In the comfort of your own home!  We will have the opportunity to spend a little time after worship catching up on how everyone's doing.  So grab a cup and stick around.  It's nice to see folks' faces.

Vanessa's hours

To be determined.  Please call the church office for an update.

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