Adult Education

We are currently studying Tired of Apologizing for a Church I Don't Belong To, by Lillian Daniel, and meet at 9:00 each Sunday morning in the Lounge.  Please come and join us!  It's easy to jump in, even if you haven't done the reading.      


Books that we have studied in the past:  

Richard Rohr:  Falling Upward, The Immortal Diamond, The Divine Dance

Phyllis Tickle:  The Great Emergence

Henri Nouwen:  Spiritual Direction

Barbara Brown Taylor:  Altar in the World

Parker J. Palmer:  The Promise of Paradox

Jim Wallis:  America's Original Sin

Marcus Borg:  The Heart of Christianity, Reading the Bible Again for the First Time

Daniel Wolpert:  Leading a Life with God



   December 2018   
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