Moderator: Trudy Burkert

          Class of 2018:  Trudy Burkert, Susan Anderson

          Class of 2019:  Lila Waldman

          Class of 2020:  Ruth Thompson, Helen Blomberg


          Our Board of Deacons has contributed funds for many activities supporting the school children in our area, including Stuff the Bus (school supplies that children might need help obtaining), and donating money to pay for lunches for children who might not be able to affor them.

          They annually organize a food drive for a local Helping Hands.  For many years, they have adopted families in need at Christmas, purchasing, wrapping and delivering gifts to them.

          They are the arms of the church, contacting visitors and new members, and members who are sick or hospitalized.  They send cards of sympathy, cheer, and thing-of-you, to let members know that they are in our hearts and that we pray for them. 

          Our members in nursing homes receive special attention, with at least monthly visits that include the Lord's Supper.  Easter, Valentine's Day, and Christmas cards and small gifts let them know that they are remembered.  Members over a certain age (eighty, but we don't tell), are given a little something special at Christmas.

   December 2018   
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